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Understand your Brain & Boost Performance

In today’s business world, more and more people are being paid to provide thought leadership instead of just completing a series of tasks.  However, thought leadership is much harder to achieve because it deals with complex issues that require in depth thought and decision making that stretches the performance of the brain.

Surprisingly, one of the best ways to improve mental performance – is to understand the limitations of the brain and to put in place strategies to improve performance.

NeuroLeadership Certified

Team Management Profile Workshop

Understanding work preferences is essential if one is to understand and develop individual, team or organisational performance.

What does this profile measure?

The Team Management Profile provides constructive, work-based information about an individual’s preferences, strengths and areas for development.

The subject completes an online self-assessment questionnaire that measures the following preferences:

  • How an individual prefers to relate to others
  • How an individual gathers and uses information
  • How an individual makes decisions
  • How an individual organises themselves and others

The profile output is typically fed back to the recipient during the course of a Team Development workshop or “one on one” coaching.

The Team Management Profile is invaluable for:

  • Team Development Workshops
  • Developing an individual’s understanding of their own work preferences
  • Identifying areas where opportunities exist for personal development
  • Developing an individual’s appreciation of the work preferences of their colleagues
  • Optimising interactions with others in the work place
  • Investigating opportunities that exist for further team development
  • Accelerating team performance

>> Click here to download an extract from a sample Team Management Profile

Wellbeing through Job Loss

Are you struggling to find work or uncertain about your role security?

Let me assist you to create some effective job searching tools and learn some strategies to approach this uncertain time in your life.  Learn about some brain-based strategies to help balance your wellbeing through this tough time.