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The Performance Gallery uses an selection of trusted profiling tools that are either done online or by using card decks.

The three profiling tools used are; Team Management Index, Work values Profile and Saville profile.

All of these tools are also used in conjunction with Neuro-leadership techniques that will optimise your ability to learn and grow.

Please see below for more information about each of these tools.

Team Management Profile

The TMS Team Management Profile (TMP) is one of the world’s leading psychometric profiling tools for personal, team and leadership development. This profile is one of the key pillars across the programmes, to help understand how a client’s personality preferences align to their career choices. The results are used in our Career and Leadership Boost programmes.

The benefits of understanding a team member’s Profile include:

  • Being able to identify a person’s strengths and work preferences
  • Developing greater self-awareness and strategies to improve performance
  • Helping people understand why they work the way they do
  • Providing a common language for teams to communicate with
  • Enabling leaders to successfully and confidently assign people to projects and tasks
  • Delivering objective, constructive and work-focused insights.

If you are operating in an environment where your teams or clients are seeking improved team effectiveness, greater understanding of team dynamics and opportunities for improvement, this simple and easy to implement Profile is affordable, agile and results-driven.

Window on Work Values Profile

This profile is one of the key pillars across the programmes, to help understand how a client’s career values align to their career choices. These insights will navigate how the values can help decision-making moving forward.  The values are used in our Career and Leadership Boost programmes.

What does this profile measure?

Values are concepts or beliefs which people use to guide their behaviour in the workplace. Values drive our decision-making and promote what we believe in. They go beyond specific situations and determine how we view people, behaviour and events. Often major sources of conflict and disillusionment between individuals or between individuals and the organisations that they are employed by are due to mismatched values.

The Window on Work Values Profile is based upon responses to a 64 item online self-assessment questionnaire that requires respondents to rate situations or activities at work that they value. The results are then processed to give a hierarchy of importance around eight value types that are fundamental drivers of their behaviour.

This profile can be used for the purposes of either measuring personal values or measuring organisational values.

The Windows on Work Values Profile is invaluable for:
  • Cultural Change initiatives
  • The development of Team Values
  • The assessment and development of Organisational Values
  • Gaining clarity around Individual Values
  • Checking alignment between individual Values and organisational Values.

>> Click here to view a sample extract from a Window on Work Values Profile

Career Guidance and Self-Development Profile

The Saville profile is used in our Career Boost programme and is an easy assessment for career planning discussions and to help clients prepare for interview and the work environment.

What does this profile measure?

The 8 minute MY Self questionnaire measures an individual’s potential talents across a range of areas in the workplace. The personalised MY Self Report includes information on the following areas:

  • Signature Strengths: behaviours the individual prefers to exhibit and the type of organisational culture they are suited to.
  • Challenge Areas: areas that the individual finds more difficult to demonstrate.
  • Career Area Chart: shows the career options which are most likely to suit the person and maximise their strengths.
  • Career Area Fit: provides more detail about the top three career areas to which the person is most suited.

The Career Guidance Profile is invaluable for:

  • Gives beneficial career planning information
  • Gives an accurate insight into how the individual behaves
  • Provides constructive development tips
  • Highlights the career area and culture the individual is best suited to
  • Draws upon extensive research into what constitutes successful performance.

>> Click here to view a sample extract from a My Self Report

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