Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where will we meet for our sessions?

Kelly-Maree can meet you virtually across many platforms; Zoom, Google Meet or Teams.

2. What tools do you use for personality profiling and what is the pricing for the profiles?

The two main tools we use are Team Management Services and Saville Consulting.  The prices range from $130 – 160, please specify your preference and we can provide a price for you.

3. Will you help me to update my CV?

Absolutely — it’s important that your CV is looking as sharp as possible when you apply for jobs.  A CV template is provided.

4. Is meeting virtually a practical option given it is a coaching service?

Meeting virtually is totally confidential, quiet and consistent. This is the preferred option for my clients as it saves travel time and parking and gives you the option to use your preferred platform.

5. How regularly will we meet?

Meetings are set up for weekly or fortnightly sessions, often on the same day and time – for consistency.

6. What is your pricing?
Programme Description Pricing
Job Boost 3 hours of one-to-one coaching, and administration. $390.00 full package.

$130 per session.

Career Boost 7 hours/ 6 sessions of one-to-one coaching and administration. $1,155.00 full package.

$165 per session.

Leadership Boost 13 hours/ 12 sessions of one-to-one coaching and administration. $2145.00 full package.

$165 per session.

HR Advisory Hours as required $125 per hour.

The coaching – pricing structure includes one hour of coaching, programme administration & assessment. Refer to my Terms of Trade to find out about pricing options.

7. How long is each career coaching programme?

Job Boost – 3 hrs

Career Boost – 7hrs

Leadership Boost – 13 hrs

8. How do the career coaching programmes vary?

Job Boost – designed for someone who is clear in their career and wants to boost their salary or develop a career pathway.  This programme helps to create a winning application and smash out a interview for a job role which best suits the clients values.

Career Boost – the programme is for someone who has lost their mojo and wanting help to create a new career vision.  The programme helps to discovery key values, motivated skills and personality & brand – to provide focus in the new road ahead.

Leadership Boost – created for someone wanting to boost their performance across their work and life.  The programme helps to create & reach goals and shift unhelpful habits using value assessment and neuroleadership stratagies.

9. Do you have a Terms of Trade or policies for your programmes?

Yes, please refer to the following link: Terms of Trade

10. Can you help with HR issues too?

Yes – we offer a number of HR support services, including recruitment & selection, staff engagement, training, restructuring process, and misconduct or conflict issues in the workplace.