The gallery story

Kia ora, my name is Kelly-Maree Liberona, and I created The Performance Gallery because I could not find “my happy place”.  A workplace where I felt a real sense of belonging and purpose. I had worked both in public and private sectors and I was feeling displaced and increasingly stressed, drained and confused as to what to do next.  I made a life changing decision, a few years ago to see a Career Coach.  Sharing my story with a trusted expert, allowed me to find out what a great career could look like through building self-awareness around my values, talents and style.  Together, we created a career vision and the goals to get there.

This programme was life changing for me, giving me a new sense of direction and increased energy.  I was compelled to help others feel the same way and I created The Performance Gallery – to unlock potential and transform workplaces to be more human and high performing.


The gallery packages

Our life changing packages all have one thing in common – they help you or your team explore your values, talents and style. These key areas help unlock your unique identity to promote brand awareness and help careers, work teams and individuals thrive.

Unlock your career

When your work resonates with your values, talents and brand –  you will jump out of bed every morning, excited by the possibilities the day holds for you. Right? Everything else in life will feel better, as life and work are intrinsically linked.

Unlock your habit

Bad habits (like procrastination or, taking on too much) can all sabotage your work efforts. So is it possible for individual habits to impact career success? The answer is yes! That’s because no matter what, your reputation will always precede you.

Unlock your leadership

Transform your leadership brand today. Be coached to identify insights about being a trusted and respected leader, adaptive to change. We will create some meaningful goals, shift unhelpful habits and boost your self-awareness. Unlock your leadership today!

The gallery process

Harness and improve your thinking by working with us in a supportive learning process.  We help you understand how a clear, focused thinking brain contributes to enhanced performance and increased energy. Together we create self-awareness, develop enhanced thinking, collaboration and we then set clear and achievable goals and to get you on the road to achieving them. We take you on a thinking journey through three stages; exploring your current situation, unlocking your values, talents and style {your unique brand} and help you change and adapt to boost your career.





Become self-aware of where you or your team are in your career and where you aspire to be in the future.  Determine what ‘locks’ you and holds you back from loving what you do and how that impacts your work and life performance. Determine your career goals to get you or your team moving forward. 



Discover you or your teams purpose and the values and style (your personal brand) to define your career sweet spot and the talents that really motivate you. Let us help you to determine what an extraordinary career and team can look like. Be coached in setting your new thinking pathways and put your plan into action.



Review what you have learnt about yourself or your team and craft your new brand and create a career vision for your future.  We will also develop your action plan so you continue on your newfound pathway.

The gallery promise